Commercial I.T. Support

Fast, Reliable IT Service

ATM Web Design offers reliable, affordable Commercial IT Services to all sizes of business in the Brantford area.

For most businesses, their computer and network systems are the lifeblood of the company, and downtime can have a large impact on day to day operations.  Most businesses today though, don’t have the needs to incur the cost of full time IT staff – this is where we come in.

We become your IT Department.

We will analyze your setup, make recommendations, implement both improvements and repairs and give you all of the benefits of having an IT Professional in your business, without all of the expenses.  Something breaks?  Call us.

We offer flexible IT service options including On-Site Service and Remote Support.

We offer both pay-as-you-go style IT services, where we invoice by the hour, and Managed IT Service plans which are paid monthly and include a number of ongoing support features.

Commercial On-Site Services

When something goes wrong – you don’t want to disconnect and carry a computer system to the shop.  Further, when you are dealing with network issues, internet issues and many other types of problems – you really need to have a technician on-site to diagnose and correct the problems.

We will dispatch a qualified technician quickly to your office and will immediately start diagnosing your problem.

Most issues can be resolved by our technician fairly quickly, keeping your costs down.

Remote Support

Many computer issues can be solved remotely – this means you don’t have to wait for a technician to physically visit your office; we can set up a remote session (with your permission of course!) and most times, we can actually see and interact with your computer right from our office.

An added benefit to our remote support ability is that we can also coordinate after-hours maintenance and repair tasks, which would normally interrupt your operations if done during the business day.

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