Managed IT Service Packages

You are busy running your business – let us handle the IT Stuff.

Our Managed IT Services program is geared to give you all of the benefits of a full time IT department.

With a set monthly cost, we can:

  • Handle any IT issues that come up
  • Monitor your workstation and server health
  • Monitor your network security
  • Provide and manage a strong Anti-Virus Solution
  • Perform regular workstation and server maintenance
  • Perform regular data backups

Most of our managed it services are completed behind the scenes and are geared specifically towards your business and network setup.  We strive to build relationships with our clients, and work very closely to ensure that our services are always in-line with your business strategy.

IT Support

We offer phone, email and ticket based support options to our clients, with a negotiated SLA.  We will dispatch technicians or provide remote support as needed, to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Server and Workstation Monitoring

We monitor the health and security of your systems on a 24/7 basis.  This allows us to identify potential problems early, so we can correct them before they cause real issues.

Not only do we monitor the health of system components such as hard disks and memory; we also monitor for software problems, missing security updates and performance issues.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Managed Anti-Virus

A key piece of your system security is having a good, reliable anti-virus.  At the same time, many of the products on the market are ineffective and/or hard to use.  We provide a very effective solution – and better yet – we completely manage it from our end.

Your users wont have to deal with annoying popups asking THEM what to do about possible infections, we deal with everything including regular systems scans.

Our software will also monitor internet traffic and automatically block access to known dangerous servers, protecting you from many online threats.

Regular System Maintenance

We regularly perform a number of maintenance tasks on both workstations and servers to ensure that they are functioning at their peak performance.

We make sure systems perform well and that software is kept up to date and secure.

Regular Data Backups

Your data is important, we treat it that way.

We provide both a hybrid Off-Site backup solution, keeping a good encrypted backup locally for fast disaster recovery; as well as a copy stored off-site to protect it in the event of Fire/Flood/Theft.

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